Who is Robbie Cornelius?

Learn how to harness the power of manifestation and create the life you desire. Join Robbie Cornelius in this transformative journey and break free from generational limitations.

5/1/20246 min read


Robbie Cornelius is an American businessman and entrepreneur renowned for his expertise in digital venture capitalism. Known as the "Mindset Wizard" at MindMaster Society, Robbie has a significant influence on those seeking to improve their mindset and business acumen.

Individuals seek out Robbie Cornelius for his unique blend of services that combine business growth strategies with personal development.

His book, "The Power of Thinking for Yourself," emphasizes the importance of independent thought and spiritual freedom, showcasing his commitment to personal and professional empowerment.

With a deep understanding of building businesses on the internet, Robbie helps individuals develop a winning mindset and achieve online business success.

He owns several successful ventures, including WebAsset Group, a marketing consultancy for entrepreneurs based in Alpharetta, Georgia, as well as Southern Web Service and Overstock Domain.

His work encompasses consulting on digital marketing strategies, business development, and providing training and resources for personal growth and mindset optimization.

As a social media influencer, Robbie leverages platforms like TikTok and YouTube to inspire and educate his audience, making his knowledge accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals aiming for success in the digital world.

His engaging content and interactive approach have established him as a go-to source for enhancing business strategies and personal growth.

Robbie's passion for helping people master their minds and build internet-based businesses is evident through his work. Via WebAsset Group, LLC, he focuses on the acquisition, building, management, and sales of digital assets.

Individuals seek out Robbie for his ability to transform both their business and personal lives through a combination of strategic insight and mindset mastery.


Like many of his predecessors, Robbie didn’t have it easy growing up in South Georgia. He grew up with a father who, until his death, was mentally and physically abusive. When Mr. Cornelius was 7 years old, a truck driver ran a stop light, hitting Robbie’s side of the vehicle as he watched his fate through the car window.

Recovery from the accident included plastic surgery to reconstruct his forehead. These occurrences alone would have been an excuse for him to give up and not many people would blame him. Not Robbie though, he fought back. He didn’t see these instances as a reason to let life pass him by, instead he grabbed life by the horns and never looked back.

To truly understand Robbie’s journey, let’s go back to the beginning.

Robbie’s path to success truly began when he became a Hip Hop artist. As a child, he would look at Hip Hop magazines in stores and imagine himself in the magazines.

As he got older, he utilized the internet to educate himself on marketing methods that are still incorporated in his company today. He used these online marketing methods to travel the country as an independent, underground artist and ultimately placed himself in those very magazines he once dreamed about.

One such magazine is Source Magazine, one of the biggest Hip Hop magazines in circulation at the time. Little did he know, those methods that he used to create his own success would lay the groundwork for his future as a digital marketer.

Expertise in Digital Venture Capitalism: Robbie has extensive experience in building, acquiring, managing, and selling digital assets, providing valuable insights into creating and sustaining online businesses.

Winning Mindset Development: Known as the "Mindset Wizard" at Mind Master Society, Robbie specializes in helping individuals develop a positive and empowering mindset, crucial for personal and professional success.

Comprehensive Business Growth Strategies: Through his consultancy, WebAsset Group, he offers expert guidance on digital marketing strategies, business development, and online growth, tailored to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Proven Success and Influence: As a successful entrepreneur and the owner of ventures like Southern Web Service and Overstock Domain, Robbie has a track record of creating and growing profitable businesses.

Inspiring and Educational Content: Leveraging platforms like TikTok and YouTube, Robbie shares engaging content that educates and inspires a broad audience, making his knowledge accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Personal and Professional Empowerment: His book, "The Power of Thinking for Yourself," highlights his commitment to fostering independent thought and spiritual freedom, empowering individuals to take control of their lives.

Holistic Approach: Robbie combines mindset coaching with practical business strategies, offering a holistic approach that addresses both the psychological and operational aspects of success.

Customized Training and Resources: He provides personalized training and resources for personal growth and business optimization, ensuring that clients receive tailored support to meet their specific needs.

Here are the key reasons why someone would turn to Robbie:


If you ask Robbie to name something that’s been life changing, he’ll tell you meditation. For the last 11 years, he’s devoted an hour of his time daily to meditation. He considers it to be one of the primary keys to his success.

If you ask what motivates him? It’s simple: a passion for the internet. The internet gives everyone a voice and opens up opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

You can use it to educate yourself for free on platforms like YouTube, you can attend online classes at any school or college, you can take LA acting classes from across the country. You can use it to generate massive passive income from multiple sources.

You can become omnipresent on the internet. Truly, the opportunity for self improvement is limitless on the world wide web. And that’s exactly how he likes it: endless opportunities for everyone.